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People using the Facelyft Pillow have reported reduced wrinkling of their facial skin while sleeping, and in Dr.White's experience, this has helped to reduce the harmful effects of chronic stretching of the skin.


Paula, 58

New to procedures, wants to protect her investment

HER QUOTE: "Who wants to wake up with lines on your face? The Facelyft pillow not only protects your face, it's so comfy that you get a good night's sleep!"


Laney, 24

Pre-wrinkle but had a light procedure

HER STORY: Her work in and around the plastic surgery center has created a hyper awareness about the impact of the wrong pillow on facial lines. She uses the Facelyft pillow nightly and shows no new lines in the morning and claims she's now getting the best night's sleep ever.


Carol, 64

Familiar with procedures

HER QUOTE: "I love my FaceLyft Pillow. It allows me to sleep on my side comfortably and consistently. It's truly a wonderful product!"


Heidi, 57

Post major facelift

HER STORY (Co-Inventer): During her first post-facelift check up, we found lines had begun to re-form on her face. After extensive analysis, we discovered the new lines were being caused by the pillow she slept on every night. She started using the Facelyft pillow and within a few days those new lines began to disappear.

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