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Introducing In2it Global Corporation, a new company with a new orientation towards helping you achieve better, deeper and safer sleep to enhance your natural beauty and preserve a more youthful appearance and higher energy levels.

The company behind the new Facelyft Pillow was years in the making.
• Discovery and Invention by a leading Plastic Surgeon in the USA
• Produced and Manufactured by one of the leading sleep products company in the world with over 20-years experience
• A profound belief that good sleep is the best prescription for your health and beauty
• Strong relationships with retailers
• Very high Customer Satisfaction ratings

With this as our goal, our inaugural product is the brand new, patented Facelyft Pillow. Many other new innovations are on the drawing board! Some are breakthrough (and we can't wait to share them with you), while others rethink sleep products to be more like daily appliances you use that wear out and need to be replaced. (For example you use a toothbrush for healthy teeth and gums; you wouldn't keep using the same brush for years. It should be replaced every few weeks and it's affordable for you to do so.) This is a revolutionary idea in the sleep business and that's our ambition.

Stay tuned. There are lots of exciting things to come!


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Wilmington Plastic Surgery
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How the Facelyft pillow works for you

Traditional pillows puts pressure on the face
The Facelyft pillow reduces facial wrinkles

This is a real Facelyft pillow customer who previously used a traditional pillow. As a side-sleeper you can see how a traditional pillow compresses the face, which causes visible wrinkling of the face while you sleep.

In contrast, the patented FaceLyft Pillow comfortably supports the head and neck while reducing pressure on the face. Special recesses reduce pressure on the ears, and helps to comfortably maintain proper position while you sleep.

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