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In Dr White's experience, how you sleep is how you look!   Don't let your pillow wrinkle your face while you sleep!

Dr. Kenneth S. White

Dr. Kenneth S. White, MD, FACS

  • Board-Certified plastic surgeon
  • 25 Years in private practice
  • 70,000 patient visits
  • 25,000 surgeries
  • 1,000 face lifts
  • Prolific inventor with several patents
  • Humanitarian/Volunteer donating services in less developed countries
  • Donates a portion of FaceLyft Pillow sales to Family Promise, a charity which rehabilitates acutely homeless families with children
I invented the FaceLyft Pillow to help protect my patients from sleep-induced facial wrinkling, and discovered it could be beneficial for almost all side sleepers!

“How you sleep is how you look!” Dr. White recognized early in his practice that many patients who were heavy side and stomach sleepers, on ordinary pillows, had very visible wrinkling near the mouth and chin, and that continued sleeping in this manner could quickly begin to work against the improvements from skin treatments and facelifts. He was even beginning to see pillow-induced wrinkles on his own face!

The patented design has a recess for the ear, which comfortably supports the head and reduces pressure on the cheek and areas around the mouth, while side sleeping. The FaceLyft Pillow allows side sleeping and stomach sleeping without pressure on the middle of the face and mouth areas, when used properly. This helps reduce the chronic harmful wrinkling which can occur while side sleeping.

The Facelyft Pillow has been wonderful for many patients, young and old, and has helped delay or avoid costly surgical procedures. Also, in patients who have needed surgery or treatments, it has often helped protect their investment. We are now excited to offer the FaceLyft Pillow to anyone who wants to help protect his or her face from pillow-induced facial wrinkling…because… “How you sleep is how you look”!

Dr. White is a highly rated plastic surgeon with a reputation for caring about his patients both in and outside of the office, which is why he developed the Facelyft Pillow to help delay wrinkling caused by traditional pillows. Read reviews about Dr. White on Healthgrades.


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