Our Patented Pillow

The Facelyft Pillow Features
The Facelyft Pillow

A Revolutionary Concept:
The first comfortable pillow to reduce "sleep wrinkles"

  • Patented design invented by a leading, board certified plastic surgeon has been shown to reduce wrinkling of the facial skin while sleeping, when used properly.
  • The FaceLyft Pillow's extremely soft fill is adjustable so that firmness and shape can be customized at home for comfort.
  • Don't think of it as a "fashion pillow". This is a serious beauty appliance and should be kept underneath those fancy pillows for your personal, nightly use.
  • Manufacturer's Limited Warranty against defects for 365 nights but for optimal performance, we recommend continuous nightly use for approximately 120 nights.
  • This is a Two-Sided Pillow in two different ways: Left/Right sides depending on which way you sleep Front/Back sides so you can flip it over and get twice the life expectancy.
  • Fits Standard Pillow cases and is still effective with a pillow case on. (Washing the pillow is not recommended)


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